The different types of CBD

CBD has become a very popular product over the last couple of years but has also become sort of unregulated. Our governments don’t know all the specifics yet and the pharmaceutical industry is not very enthusiastic about all the positive benefits that are being discovered on a daily basis. It has been well established that CBD has many positive benefits for millions of people. The difficult thing in all of this for you is that it is quite difficult to find the high quality pure CBD which provides you with all the benefits instead of giving you the placebo effect or nothing at all.

Be aware of what you buy

At the moment the best quality CBD comes from the USA as they are a little further in the CBD process then we are in Europe or any other place on our planet. Because CBD is not completely regulated yet there is a lot of CBD on the market which hasn’t been tested properly or has misleading labels. Do a little research when you buy your CBD product, see if they have lab results and where does it come from?

Experiment different types of CBD

If you are new to CBD I advise you to experiment a little with all the different types out there. Do your little research and just start trying. If it is Patches, pills, oils, gummies, etc. see what suits you but be sure you get the high quality so you won’t go wrong there.

CBD with THC

In Europe it is not allowed to sell CBD with THC in it (THC is the psychotic substance). In some cases you can get a prescription from your medical adviser to have a combination of CBD and THC but you won’t find it in the normal stores.

CBD and allergies

Can you be allergic for CBD? There has been no mention of side effects or allergies from CBD but of course there will be exceptions to the rule so test a small dosage first and see what is does to you. If you are not sure it is always advised to consult your medical adviser first. Also find out if the CBD product you are buying has no other substances in it you can be allergic to.


Our CBD is free of artificial dyes, casein, corn, colors, dairy, egg, fillers, flavorings, gluten, GMO’s, latex, MSG, peanuts, preservatives, shellfish, soy, sugar, tree nuts, and they are GRAS certified.

Find out more about our CBD and lab results in this article.

The different types of CBD
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The different types of CBD
Find the high quality pure CBD which provides you with all the benefits instead of giving you the placebo effect or nothing at all.
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