CBD patches experience – Why I use CBD daily

Many people use CBD against pain, immune disorders, muscle diseases, sleeping problems etc. things that (fortunately) I don’t have. When I first got the question, why do you use CBD, I had to think about it. The one who asked me this knows that I have a reasonably healthy lifestyle. I exercise, I walk on average 2 hours a day, I eat healthy, I meditate, I shower cold, I do breathing exercises. In short, the question was actually, why do you use a so-called medicine when you don’t really need it.

Let me start by saying that CBD is not yet recognized as a medicine. There are many good experiences but no one has ever registered it as a medicine. There is still a lot of resistance from the authorities because CBD comes from the marijuana plant and there is still a fairly large taboo on it. CBD does indeed come from the marijuana plant and researchers have been able to isolate CBD from THC. CBD is a substance that is good for the health of our brains. Ok so far, a brief word about CBD.

Now, why do I use it? We live in a society that prefers to heal rather than prevent. We see a doctor during the first years of our life to monitor growth and development. After that we will only see a docter when we become ill. Doctors are not specialists in nutrition, doctors are specialists in diagnosis and treatment. Nothing bad about the doctor, that is how our society has developed. So the question you should ask yourself, am I only going to live a healthy life and do healthy things when I get sick? Or do I want to keep that sickness as far away from me as possible? Most will want the latter. And yet obesity, diabetes 2, and heart disease are the biggest killers in the world today.

So yes, I often listen to a doctor and yet I also draw up my own plan based on my own research and common sense. I walk, I meditate, I eat healthy, I embrace nature, I use CBD. Balance between head, heart and body. And the great thing about CBD is that it doesn’t always have to be used on a daily basis. You can forget about it now and again. Its use can be compared to compound interest. Every time you use it, it strengthens our immune system. Makes the brain healthier. The wall is getting thicker and thicker.

Life is about balance. No darkness without light, no illness without health, no black without white and for a healthy, happy man like me that includes daily use of CBD. I use CBD in patch form, for 3 reasons, convenience, it goes straight into the blood, does not need to be metabolized and my body absorbs it regularly by the `time release’ principle.

So, the ultimate question, does it work? All in all, my whole mind, body and heart are healthy by a certain lifestyle, by balance. As far as I’m concerned, this balance includes my daily CBD patch.

– Robbert Eduard


CBD patches experience - Why I use CBD daily
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CBD patches experience - Why I use CBD daily
My CBD experience. I walk, I meditate, I eat healthy, I embrace nature, I use CBD. Balance between head, heart and body.
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