New insights into CBD

What is CBD not?

CBD is not a cure for all. It’s not some new potion which was magically derived from the hemp plant and now cures all and every disease. More clinical research and tests are necessary to exactly pinpoint what all the advantages and of course disadvantages there are surrounding CBD. One thing is clear though, the advantages far outweigh any disadvantages there might be. It is also , when won correctly from the hemp plant, a 100% natural nutraceutical. Why the word natural as nutraceutical already implies that its natural? CBD had gained huge momentum over the last few years and popular products with a huge potential market mostly have 1 thing in common. They are mass produced and very often the quality is of a very poor nature.

How to make CBD a main stream fully accepted pharmaceutical?

In order to be accepted as a pharmaceutical and be able to be sold in hospitals and doctors practices products have to go through intense testing. This is not only to ensure the proper working of the product but also to eliminate any harmful side effects. Pharmaceutical companies are fully responsible for full disclosure of any (side) effects their products might have. Lacking to do so could bring on huge lawsuits, of a magnitude which can easily bankrupt a company.
So, for CBD to become a fully accepted and licensed pharmaceutical it will also need to go through extensive testing which normally costs millions of dollars. The pharmaceutical companies are hesitant to do so because their business models are mostly based licensing and patenting. So unless these laws change it does not make sense for any big companies to put up the money to finance this whole process. Something tells us that a good crowd funding campaign whereby all parties (read you and I as end users) retain a profit could work. It’s still a while away.

CBD proven to work

CBD has proven to work for anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. Because of the extensive use of mobile phones and social media, anxiety and insomnia are becoming a massive problem. Our hormone balances are severely affected by an influx of information which is unprecedented in history. So for now, if you feel anxious or have a problem sleeping well, try CBD. It’s a natural product, proven to work with almost no side effects. And, if on top of that you want to take it in a care free way ensuring the full working of the product, maybe try it in patch form.
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New insights into CBD
It took a while and slowly cbd patches are starting to get more attention. It seems that something in pill or oil form, so more tangible, has been preferred until now.
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The Patch Farm
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