7 Reasons to use CBD in patchform

CBD is offered in all kinds of forms and shapes at the moment. From skin care to shampoo to oil. It can be taken orally, on the skin or as a hair product. The ultimate reason to take or use CBD in ALL instances is because of its proven health benefits. It reduces stress and anxiety in a world in which our hormone imbalances are increasing due to over exposure to a multitude of stressors: social media, tv, advertising and so on. Where 30 years ago we received an average of 150 advertising messages a day today that has increased to 3500 a day. Hidden aggressors we can easily call them. Our hormone balances have not changed since 400000 years ago our neurocortex (the human brain) developed. We need seretonine in the morning to produce enough melatonin in the evening to have a healthy sleep. Early morning stressors like phones decrease our seretonin levels, increase our cortisol which in turn reduces our melatonin which then gives us a lesser sleep. So it’s an ever turning wheel which needs to be stopped.
CBD is a natural nutraceutical which can reduce the anxiety while going through the process of adapting to a more relaxing lifestyle.
Try CBD? Then use it in the most affective form: PATCHES

1. Goes straight into the bloodstream

Applied directly to the skin cbd goes straight into the bloodstream where it has the most effect.

2. Time release technology

Time release technology is used in order for the patches to release exactly the right amount of cbd into the bloodstream over an 8 hour period.

3. Straight to the point

Patches ensure the the cbd does not have to pass through the intestinal tract, thus getting straight to the point.

4. Metabolised

The cbd does not have to be metabolised by the liver.

5. Same of amount of CBD every day

Metabolism changes every day depending on your diet, patches give you the same of amount of CBD every day despite the state of your metabolism.

6. Easy to use

Patches are easy to use and the dosage is always the same.

7. Travel

Patches are easy to store and transport.


Whatever form you choose we encourage to use CBD in an ever faster and Adrenaline filled world where relaxation seems harder and harder to get!

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7 Reasons to use CBD in patchform
CBD is offered in all kinds of forms and shapes. Use it in the most affective form with patches. 7 reasons why you should use CBD in patch form.
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The Patch Farm
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