Get to Know Us.

Who We Are


We are a company who promote prevention rather than cure. Prevention entails healthy living and where necessary the use of supplements. In other words, instead of the pharmaceutical industry, the nutraceutical industry. The best definition we could find of nutraceutical: a foodstuff which provides health benefits in addition to its basic nutritional value.
For years cannabis has been classed as a nutraceutical because of its tremendous health advantages. The challenge was though to separate the different substances Cannabis contains. THC is the famous ingredient which makes a person high. In order to legalize the use of medicinal Cannabis the THC had to be separated from for instance hemp/CBD. We are one of the first companies in Europe to offer hemp CBD oil in patchform.

Why Patches?

Our metabolism can differ on a daily basis. This has to do with what we eat and drink and our daily activity. This has the disadvantage that any supplements we take will be absorbed by the body differently all the time.
The best way for our body to absorb nutrients is through the skin. It totally avoids the intestinal tract and is not metabolized by the liver thus going directly into the bloodstream and using its full potential.
Advantages of patches listed below:
• Avoidance of first-pass effect
• Simple, convenient 
• Long duration of action – 8 hours
• Controlled, constant administration
• Targeted delivery 
• No interference with gastric and intestinal fluids

Our Promise

No More pills or oils, Easy to use and Continuous release.

Our Essence

This one is easy: Health !

Our Mission

To provide you with an easier way to stay healthy.

Our Goal

To keep our Promise, to fulfill our Mission and to live our Essence.