Find a clean and hair free spot on your body. This can be the chest or the upper arm. Peel the patch from the paper and apply. Leave patch for at least 8 hours as they are time release.

The patch should always be applied on a clean and hair free spot. Also avoid joints and knuckles as the patch could come loose. Good spots are for instance the chest or the upper arm.

Our patches can be used on a daily basis as a supplement or can be used for pain relief. When used as a supplement the best time to apply is in the evening because next to providing health benefits it also assists in a good night’s sleep. When used for pain relieve the patch can be applied at any time of the day and night.

As a supplement a patch should be used daily (25mg). When used as pain relief a patch should be used when pain is experienced.

Unless you weigh more than 100 kg there is no need to use more than 1 patch at a time. Even in cases of extreme pain the 100 mg patch is more than sufficient. 

Yes you can still use body creams or oils. Our patches are all fully natural containing no products which can cause allergies. Just make sure that the surface where the patch is applied is clean and hair free.

Patches have the big advantage that they are applied on the skin and go directly to the bloodstream where the CBD can do its magic. Pills or drops have to go through the intestinal tract and then have to be metabolized by the liver thus lowering the effectiveness and speed of the delivery.

The patches are all made gluten and nut free so no chance of allergic reactions there. There are cases known of individuals who are allergic to CBD oil with mostly rashes as a result. There are no known cases of severe allergic reactions to CBD oil. If you are are not sure contact your physician.

Yes he or she can. Please do your own research though regarding this subject. We are not entitled to give any medicinal information. Interesting information:
Cannabinoids naturally occur in the body. Similar in function to CBD, anandamide and 2-AG are the body’s own cannabinoids – referred to as endocannabinoids – that are produced naturally to interact with the endocannabinoid system to control communication between cells and mediate your body’s functions. Children are exposed to cannabinoids for the first time through the endocannabinoids found in their mother’s breast milk.  Yep – you read that right. Human breast milk is an abundant source of endocannabinoids, a specific type of neuromodulatory lipid that basically teaches a newborn child how to eat by stimulating the suckling process. If it were not for these cannabinoids in breast milk, newborn children would not know how to eat, nor would they necessarily have the desire to eat, which could result in severe malnourishment and even death. Newborn children who are breastfed naturally receive doses of cannabinoids that trigger hunger and promote growth and development.
The patches are water resistant and not water proof. 

Store your patches in a dry place.

Our custom manufactured CBD patches are classified as a natural vitamin patch.  Unlike a transdermal patch, no prescription is required for our topical CBD patch, and the ingredients are all-natural, and made using registered industrial American hemp CBD.   Every patch is free of artificial dyes, casein, corn, colors, dairy, egg, fillers, flavorings, gluten, GMO’s, latex, MSG, peanuts, preservatives, shellfish, soy, sugar, tree nuts, and they are GRAS certified.  

Our patches are absolutely NOT tested on animals.